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Freezing and Storing Cigars in the Freezer

Freezing And Storing Cigars In The Freezer

As a cigar aficionado, you definitely already know that cigars need to be in a place with the right temperature and humidity. But have you heard about storing cigars in the freezer? You might find it a bit odd because it really is.

In fact, there are cigar lovers who stash their precious stogies in the freezer. And even though it is not the most ideal thing to do, you can still take the risk. Besides, we grew up storing our veggies in the fridge to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Freezing cigars is different from what is usual or expected, but you can do it temporarily when deemed necessary. And to do it correctly, take note of the following steps.

Freezing and Storing Cigars in the Freezer

Storing Cigars in the Freezer: A Step by Step Guide

Use a Ziplock Bag or Any Sealed Container

Cigars absorb the aroma and flavor of their surroundings. And freezers at home usually have other contents such as meat and frozen products. So keep your cigars from soaking in the unwanted taste and smell. Put them inside a ziplock bag or any container that is sealed.

Don’t Directly Put Your Cigars in the Freezer

Storing cigars in the freezer must be done gradually. So instead of putting your cigars right into the freezer, you must place them in the fridge first for a couple of hours. That way, your precious stogies will not be shocked by the sudden change in the temperature.

Place Your Cigars in the Freezer

One of the reasons for freezing cigars is to get rid of cigar beetles. So if you are having the same reason for cooling your cigars, placing them in the freezer for a few hours will do the trick. Most experts when it comes to taste agree on putting cigars in the freezer overnight or for a couple of days.

Don’t Take Your Cigars Right Away from the Freezer

When you decide to finally take your cigars out of the freezer, do it little by little. This will slowly warm your stogies so their wrappers will not break. Cigars either shrink or expand during the entire process of storing cigars in the freezer and then defrosting. So instead of taking them right away from the freezer, put them in the fridge first for another twelve to twenty-four hours.

After cooling them down in the refrigerator, take them out and let them sit at a room temperature for a day. Placing them in a dark yet cool room for a day is the most ideal. And regardless of how premium you think your cigar brand is, never put them inside the microwave just to thaw them.

Put Your Cigars Back to the Humidor

After being at a room temperature for an additional twenty-four hours, you can then get your humidor and put your cigars back in. But continue to keep an eye on your valuable cigars for any existing cigar beetle. However, those who have tried storing cigars in the freezer attest to this method of controlling a beetle infestation.

If you need help in getting a quality humidor, there is always one that fits your budget and needs at Premium Cigars of Georgia. Check out our humidors here and how we can help you get the best recommendations.

Possible Reason for Storing Cigars in the Freezer

The only acceptable reason for storing cigars in the freezer is to get rid of cigar beetles. Although it is not common, experiencing beetles hatching in your collection is also not an unusual thing to happen. And the only acceptable way to keep these creatures from spreading is by freezing your cigars.

Regularly check your stored cigars. Are there tiny holes in the wrappers? That can be the first sign of cigar beetles.

Take the damaged cigars immediately out of your humidor. And this is where the freezing of the cigars takes place to at least preserve the remaining ones. Take note that the freezing part should only be done temporarily.

If you happen to experience this unfortunate scenario, you have no other choice but to freeze your precious stogies. Not unless you want to throw those babies in the trash and get a new one instead. But looks like throwing your cigars is more horrible than simply freezing them.

Storing Cigars in the Freezer: Our Take

When you have a growing collection of cigars at home, chances are you have already seen a cigar beetle your entire cigar journey. Although some have sworn that such a process can eliminate these pests, we don’t highly recommend freezing cigars for a number of reasons. Logically, freezing your cigars will only dry them out.

As a cigar lover, it is not new to you that to keep the flavors of cigars, it is important to maintain the right humidity level. And although you can humidify your cigars again after freezing them, some experts don’t see the point of intentionally freezing them.

While others claim that cigars that have been through the re-humidification process have changes in the way they taste. In other words, you will no longer be getting the same taste the way the master blenders intended them to be.

Storing cigars in the freezer will also increase the chance of them absorbing the taste and smell of whatever leftover is in your fridge. That is why humidors are made since cigars naturally act like sponges.

Getting Quality Cigars around Georgia

Premium Cigars of Georgia believes that every cigar is a masterpiece and should be treated with much care.

Cigars go through a lot of different stages and processes to achieve the desired aroma and flavor. Some even took years before they have been made available in the market. And with that being said, you can rest assured that our cigar shop is the best place to find premium quality cigars and smoking accessories.

If you need help and more information about storing cigars in the freezer, feel free to leave us a message. You can also visit us whenever you feel like lounging with your favorite brand of cigar.

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