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When Were Cigars Invented?

When Were Cigars Invented?

Cigar lovers seem to have found the best hobby with how interesting cigar history is. In fact, saying that they exist for more than a thousand years is an understatement. Though cigars have literally evolved in terms of quality and looks, they are still bundles of tobacco that have undergone the process of fermentation. But when were cigars invented?

When Were Cigars Invented: The History

When Were Cigars Invented?

Cigars have started during the ancient times when they still don’t use tobacco leaves as the wrapper. It was said to be discovered by the Mayans. Although they were not the ones who started the hobby of smoking, the use of tobacco did not become prevalent until used by them.

You have also probably heard about Christopher Columbus in your history class. If you love cigars, then you should thank him and his men. For it was introduced to them by the Indians during a trade. And since one of his men is already fond of smoking cigars at that time, there is no way for it not to become widely known later in history.

When Were Cigars Invented: How Did Cigars Gain Its Popularity?

Portugal and Spain are two of the first countries where cigars have gained popularity. And Jean Nicot, a French diplomat, was the one who introduced cigar smoking in his homeland. If you are curious of the origin of the word nicotine, then that is where the term came from.

Back then, dried tobaccos are wrapped using special paper and not with leaves. And although it was publicly announced that smoking is a wrongdoing, it did not stop the manufacturers from producing tobacco.

More and More Places Where Cigars Became Known

Although Spain is the place that gave birth to the existence of cigars, it is not the most ideal when it comes to planting tobacco. And it was later on discovered that Cuba is more perfect for growing tobacco. No wonder why most cigar aficionados love or have at least encountered a Cuban cigar. But where and when were cigars invented did not stop there.

Florida was another choice of most manufacturers back then to grow tobacco. The Philippines also made it to the list. Even in New York, producing cigars became so common that they do it right inside their apartments.

The production of cigars was then prohibited by the state. But it didn’t last for more than four months and the whole production resumed.

So after knowing the background story of your favorite stogies, it’s about time to find out where to get the best quality cigars that are available for purchase.

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