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Cigar Pairings – Best Drinks That Go Well With Your Favorite Cigars

Cigar Pairings – Best Drinks That Go Well With Your Favorite Cigars

Whether you have been smoking cigars for many years or have just started, you will discover nothing complements your favorite cigar more than a great drink.. As we have enjoyed many cigars over the years, it has become clear certain drinks go best with various cigars thus important to know the best cigar pairings. Just as there are many different cigars, there are also many drinks that can be paired with them to form a perfect match. If you are curious as to how you too can find the best drink to go with your best cigar, here are a few of our top recommendations.


If you love to smoke your favorite cigar after a meal, we highly recommend you do so while sipping a glass of cognac. Long considered the traditional drink to have with a cigar after a meal, it is important to make sure you drink cognac that has been properly aged for just such an occasion. In our experiences, we have concluded that cognac that is at least four years old works best since it has the VSOP (Very Special Old Pale) age designation that is perfectly suited for mild and medium-bodied cigars.

Bourbon and Scotch

When combined with full-bodied cigars, many of us agree you simply cannot go wrong with bourbon or scotch. If you are a bourbon fan like we are on many days, we suggest ones bottled at higher proof levels, since they will bode well with both medium and full-bodied cigars.


One of the most well-liked drinks to have with any type of cigar, port gets our vote for many reasons. Along with its sweetness and alcoholic prowess that packs a punch, it also undergoes a long barrel-aging process that results in it acquiring strong tannins that combine well with cigars that sport a spicy smoke.


While we up to this point have focused primarily on alcoholic drinks, many of us who love a good cigar agree various types of coffee drinks also match up quite well with mild, medium, and full-bodied cigars. If you prefer a non-alcoholic coffee drink with your cigar, we suggest such offerings as cafe mocha, cappuccino, and cafe con leche.


If you fancy yourself to be a James Bond-type who likes your drinks shaken but not stirred, our taste buds know you will absolutely love having a martini with your cigar. Since martinis are known for containing large amounts of alcohol, we believe they go best with full-flavored cigars. However, since there is a seemingly unlimited number of ways in which a martini can be prepared, we suggest you try many different combinations of martinis and cigars until you find the ones that satisfy you best.

Kahlua Drinks

If you like a Black Russian, Nutty Irishman, or a Mud Slide, you are sure to find any of these drinks will go quite well with your best cigar. While we like each of these drinks with our cigars, most of us agree that to get the ultimate cigar pairings of drink and cigar, you should drink a Black Russian, since it contains that incredible trio of vodka, cream, and Kahlua.

Whether you try only one of or many of these combinations, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your favorite cigar even more than you already do after a meal or long day on the job.

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