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5 Perfect Cigar Gift Ideas for Cigar Lovers

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It is getting close to that time of year again and if you have any cigar lovers in your life, you might be wondering what you should get them. Well, we are here to take the mystery out cigar gift ideas for you. There are plenty of options available out there when it comes to gifts for cigar lovers and we are excited to share with you some of our favorites.

1. Cigar Aficionado is the periodical for cigar lovers. The publication recently celebrated its 25th anniversary and has outlasted all other cigar-based periodicals that have come out over the years. The magazine features interviews with celebrity cigar-enthusiasts, articles on travel, ratings on all the best cigars on the market based on various criteria, restaurant reviews, and other content geared towards today’s cigar-smoker. It is published six times a year and the issues tend to be pretty lengthy, which makes it one of the best cigar gift ideas for the smoker you know that also likes to get their read on.

2. It is no secret among cigar lovers that a bottle of brown is generally a good pairing. A good bottle of cognac, rum, single malt scotch, whiskey or brandy are all great picks when it comes to gifts for cigar lovers. Not only do cigar smokers tend to enjoy these with their cigars, but there is a long tradition of actually dipping cigars in some varieties of these for added flavor.

3. All cigar smokers need a good lighter. You would be surprised at what a variety of cigar-specific lighters there are on the market. Cigar smokers don’t call them lighters though. When it is specifically made for lighting cigars, they are called torches and they run much hotter than a standard lighter. They also use a cleaner form of butane to preserve the taste of the cigar. Torches can run as low as twenty dollars and all the way up to a thousand, so you should easily be able to find one that fits the price point you can comfortably spend for your cigar lover this holiday season.

4. Every cigar smoker needs a good cigar cutter. Otherwise, they are just going to be sawing away at the end with a kitchen knife, cutting it off with office scissors, or biting the end off with their teeth (yuck!). Make sure the cigar smoker in your life has a more refined method. You can even get one engraved/personalized for less money than you would think!

5. The cigar smoker in your life likely has a humidor, but if they are the type that often travels, how will they keep their cigars they are carrying around with them fresh? Well, a small travel humidor might be just the ticket. Just like any cigar accessory, these can really run the gamut as far as price and features. There are so many out there though, you should be able to find one within your gift-giving budget without too much fuss.

We hope this has taken the stress out of the gift-buying for the cigar smoker in your life. After you have figured out the holiday gifts for everyone else on your list, perhaps a bit of congratulations is in order and a cigar for you!

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