Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men Who Smoke Cigars

The holiday season is upon us. You may be wondering what a cigar smoker might like that will be simple enough to fit into a stocking. Listed below are stocking stuffer ideas for men. No matter if they are the cigar connoisseur in your life or someone exploring a new hobby, there are options for you to choose from to find the perfect gift.

Cigar Sampler Set

It may be difficult to try and find a specific cigar that the person you are shopping for may like, as everyone has different tastes and what they prefer. However, if you know what style they prefer then that can be a good starting point. Searching for the perfect cigar can be overwhelming, but a sampler set makes it easier. You will need to try to find out if they like mild cigars or full cigars. Then, try to determine which shade they like. There are three different shades, which are light, medium, and dark. Some variety packs come with a mix, so you are bound to find a gift sampler set that fits the bill.

Cigar Holder

Cigar holders are the next item on our list of stocking stuffer ideas for men. They are often overlooked, but a useful and thoughtful tool for men who smoke cigars. Cigar holders can come in a wide range of different styles and varieties. Some cigar holders are meant to hold a lit cigar, while others hold an unlit. The good news is that some cigar holders are designed to affix to a certain surface. If your cigar lover also loves boating, there is a cigar holder that can affix to the surface of a boat. The same is true for golf bags, other vehicles, and even lawn chairs.

Cigar Cutter

A cigar cutter is designed to remove the cap of a cigar. This is done before someone smokes a cigar. For this reason, a cigar cutter makes the perfect gift, as everyone who smokes a cigar will need some form of a cutter. There are three types of different cuts. These cuts are either the straight cut, the wedge, or the hole punch. Often, the type of cut will depend on personal preference and the type of cigar being smoked. The most common type of cutter, as well as the simplest to use, is the guillotine cutter. You would just simply slide your fingers around either end of the cigar and push the device together to make a perfect cut.


Lighters are an excellent option for a stocking stuffer, as they come in many shapes and varieties. Cigar lighters are essential for any cigar smoker. Cigar lighters work differently than typical cigarette lighters, as these lighters pack more punch. They can range from one to five flames, including torch options. Cigar lighters will have broader, more powerful flames, as cigars are much thicker than cigarettes. Do not forget that if you buy a lighter, you will need the fuel for the lighter too.


An ashtray is another cigar smoker essential. Ashtrays would make the perfect stocking stuffer, as they come in a wide variety to fit your cigar smoker’s personality. Ashtrays can be plastic, ceramic, or even metal. They can be found in designs that accommodate a single person or a whole host of people. Perhaps you do not want your cigar smoker smoking in the house. There are also car ashtray designs available. With such a wide variety to choose from, you are bound to find a design your cigar smoker will enjoy.

Do not let the holiday season stress you out when it comes to finding the perfect gift for men who smoke cigars. There are many options when it comes to gifts for cigar smokers. Utilize this list of easy ideas for stocking stuffers to narrow down your options.

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