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Women Smoking Cigars: Changing Face of the Cigar Industry

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It’s true that there are many misconceptions about the cigar industry. For instance, cigars have been portrayed as a “manly” or “old man” pastime for years. Cigars were typically only smoked by men and seen as an activity for men to do with their male friends. One of the biggest reasons why more women smoking cigars are seen is because they’re discovering them on their own terms- without any preconceived notions from society or pressure from boys at school who might not approve of girls smoking cigarettes. Since the middle of the last century, many more women than ever have become cigar smokers, causing the development of a lot of new products to cater to women specifically. Women now can find products like flavored cigars (think chocolate and vanilla).

The Changing Face of the Cigar Industry

Women’s interest in cigars has also led to a new wave of innovation and creativity in the cigar industry. Today, more and more women are discovering that cigars can be delicious. Cigars aren’t just for special occasions anymore, women are flocking to them as a form of relaxation. Women don’t want to feel out of place in a cigar lounge anymore or worried about being treated differently because they’re smoking cigars. Women are embracing the experience and smoking them on a regular basis. More women are enjoying cigars on their own terms More and more women are discovering the allure of cigars, and a few are even starting to enjoy them outside of the cigar industry.

Why More Women are Smoking Cigars

Cigars are an affordable way to treat yourself without breaking the bank. You can enjoy several brands of cigars for around $2-4/cigar. Although some of these brands are very expensive, many of them have very cheap shipping and delivery rates so you can get your favorite cigars delivered to your house for less than $10. That’s less than your morning coffee! Cigars are a social way to socialize. Women don’t always go out with groups of friends to play pool or darts, which makes it difficult for them to socialize and feel comfortable. Many women do enjoy being with other women in social settings, which is why they enjoy smoking cigars.

Women-Specific Cigars

There are now women-specific cigar brands like Viaje, J.C. Newman, and Great Gatsby Cigars, all of which offer unique flavors such as apple, grape, pina colada, and lychee-to really fulfill any woman’s cigar cravings. Despite their differences, the cigars all have one thing in common: they are smokeable and you can buy them everywhere. If you’re interested in learning more about these delicious, flavorful brands, browse this list and make sure to stop by your local cigar shop or retailer in the near future to experience firsthand what’s on offer! Famous cigar companies for women Viaje A family-owned company started by a husband and wife team, Viaje has been in the cigar industry for over 35 years. The company specializes in the production of Mexican and Cuban-style cigars.


Keeping in mind all that has been stated above, it’s clear that cigars are here to stay, and I for one look forward to seeing how this industry will change and prove itself over the next few years.

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