When we meet fellow cigar smokers here in Atlanta, one of the first topics of conversation concerns finding a great cigar lounge nearby. Unique places to relax, smoke a fine cigar, have a drink or two and explore the mysteries of life, cigar lounges are hallowed halls where everything seems just a little bit better. However, if there is one thing that puts a damper on the fun, it’s having someone drop by who has no knowledge of proper cigar etiquette. Whether blowing smoke in our faces, dropping ashes on the floor, or committing the cardinal sin of smelling one cigar after another prior to making their selection, understanding the basics makes all the difference. To ensure you don’t make a faux pas on your next visit, here are our most important tips to keep in mind.

No Smelling or Licking
If you don’t want to be labeled “that guy,” we suggest you not spend your time trying to smell or worse yet lick cigars you’re thinking about purchasing. Instead, show class and respect by simply making your selection, sitting down, and lighting up.

Keep Your Smoke to Yourself
Believe it or not, we don’t want to have your smoke in our faces. While an occasional wisp of smoke may be okay now and then, be considerate and keep the majority of your smoke to yourself.

No Smashing in the Ashtray
If there is one thing we know about cigars, it’s that they are made to diffuse on their own. If you respect your cigar, we implore you to simply lay it down in your ashtray, rather than smashing it as you might a cigarette.

Be Wary of Ash Spill-Over
When we are in our favorite cigar lounge and see someone spilling ash all over the floor, we immediately know there is an amateur in the house. If you don’t want to look like a novice while also creating a mess, our advice is to be neat when it comes to your ash spill-over. After all, ashtrays are there for a reason.

Leave Your Own Cigars at Home
When we visit our local cigar lounges here in Atlanta, we always make sure to leave our own cigars at home. Even if we have the world’s best cigars at home, we are confident we can find something great at our local lounge humidor. Thus, if you want to show you have a true understanding of cigar etiquette, smoke the cigars available at the lounge.

Know-How to Cut and Light
When we are relaxing at our favorite lounge and spot someone who has little idea how to properly cut and light their cigar, we cringe. Since smoking a great cigar in a great lounge is an experience unlike any other, always know how to cut and light a cigar so that you get maximum satisfaction.

Look Beyond Cuba
While Cuban cigars are legendary, we’ve also discovered great cigars come from other parts of the world. If you’re ready to give something new a try at your cigar lounge, we suggest diversifying your selection by looking at cigars from Honduras, the Dominican Republic, or Nicaragua. If you do, you’ll not only be demonstrating great cigar etiquette but also opening up a whole new world for yourself on subsequent visits.

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