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What is a Maduro Cigar Wrapper?

What Is A Maduro Cigar Wrapper?


Dark, usually sweet, but rich in flavor. No wonder why Maduro cigar is a favorite by many smokers. Fall in love with these very dark reddish-brown, sometimes purple-black cigar wrappers.

Having a dark to an almost black color does not always mean strong. You’ll be surprised that on the contrary, a Maduro cigar tastes differently than how it appears. If you’re intrigued with this particular cigar wrapper, it’s time to get to know it on a deeper level.

what is a maduro cigar wrapper

What You Need to Know about a Maduro Cigar

The word “Maduro” is equivalent to the term “ripe” in Spanish. And when it comes to cigars, Maduro refers to the additional time required to naturally ferment the Maduro wrappers.

Maduro wrappers are usually dark in color, oily, and full of flavors with a soil-like smell. How the leaves turn reddish-brown to almost black also describes why it was given such a name.

Does the Term “Maduro” Have Different Meanings?

The term Maduro is used to refer to two different things. First is how it describes the color of the Maduro wrapper. It can also be used to refer to the actual process of fermenting the leaves to achieve the Maduro wrappers.

In other words, a Maduro cigar is called a Maduro because of its color. However, this does not mean that it uses a Maduro wrapper. In the same way, the leaves go through the process of fermentation to naturally become a Maduro wrapper but may have a lighter color.

How Strong Is a Maduro Cigar

A Maduro cigar is usually thought of as having a strong flavor due to its dark color. However, that is only a common misconception.

Contrary to how it looks, a Maduro wrapper naturally has a sweeter taste. This is because the process of creating a Maduro wrapper naturally brings out sugars.

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Are There Different Types of Maduro Wrappers?

As with all colors of cigar wrappers, a Maduro wrapper also has variations in terms of shade. Generally, a Maduro wrapper falls into three primary color groups.

Colorado Maduro

Referred to as “dark EMS” or “EMS,” a Colorado Maduro is dark brown in color. These are sun-ripened and are usually found on cigars with the fullest flavor.


Referred to as SMS or “Spanish Market Selection,” a Maduro has a very dark brown shade. It is called an SMS because of the preference of the Spanish to full-bodied and dark cigars.


Referred to as “Maduro Maduro” or “Double Maduro,” an Oscuro type of wrapper is basically black. As of today, only a few of this type are produced.

However, it is important to take note that this term only refers to its color. This has nothing to do with the cigar being wrapped with a binder and a Maduro wrapper, or in two Maduro wrappers.

In other words, a Maduro Maduro cigar is not a two-wrapper cigar.

How Is the Wrapper of a Maduro Cigar Made?

Handmade Maduro wrappers are created using two different processes. First is the process of selecting the leaves that come from the top 2/3 of the plant. The additional procedure of sun-ripening is what gives sweetness to a Maduro wrapper.

For it to be called sun-grown, the leaves of the wrapper are directly exposed to the sun while growing. That extra sweetness is the result of photosynthesis which is the reason for the added sugar present in the leaves.

Whereas the natural defense of the plant creates the oils that a Maduro wrapper is also noted for. Since the leaves are exposed to the sun, they try to protect themselves and create additional oils.

On top of the sun-ripening process are the leaves being fermented at a higher temperature and for a longer duration. Maduro wrappers are usually fermented at 150 degrees. This is what gives a dark brown color to a Maduro cigar.

Also, full-flavored wrappers are produced from the leaves at the top part of the plant. While wrappers with a milder flavor are from the middle part.

Enjoy Your Favorite Brand of Maduro Cigar in Our Cigar Shop

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