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How To Make A Humidor – A Tupperdor DIY Project

How To Make A Humidor – A Tupperdor Diy Project

How To Make A Humidor: A DIY Project

Whether you like to smoke a few cigars daily or prefer to pull out one now and then for special occasions, you want your cigars to be as fresh as possible. To do so, you’ll need to store them in a humidor. However, if you haven’t been able to visit your local cigar shop and purchase a fancy one, don’t worry. Instead, with a little ingenuity and a few simple supplies, you can find at your local home improvement store, you’ll soon have a DIY humidor for which you’ll be quite proud.

The “Tupperdor”

While Tupperware may have gone out of style after the ’70s, it may actually play a prominent role when you’re learning how to make a humidor. While you may think you’ll need to make a humidor that looks quite fancy, the truth is all you’ll need to do is find yourself a simple and somewhat small plastic food container.

What You Will Need

Once you’ve decided to tackle the task of creating your DIY humidor, the next step is gathering together the essential supplies. To start with, you’ll need a clear plastic airtight container, which you can buy at virtually any store. More than likely, you’ll have one laying around your home. Next, get some Spanish cedar, which can be in the form of chips, planks, or even leftover inserts from old cigar boxes. Along with smelling nice, it is very absorbent and will keep your cigars very fresh. Also, don’t forget the digital humidity monitor. Easy to find in a hardware store, this will set you back only about $10. Finally, look for a good-quality humidity controller, such as Boveda packs of either 69% or 72%. Highly-recommended by cigar lovers everywhere, they are specifically made to regulate humidity levels for tobacco and will keep the levels within one percent of whatever humidity level you desire.

Assembling Your Tupperdor

Once you’ve spent about $30 to get the supplies you’ll need for your DIY humidor, it’s time to put your creative and handyman skills to the test and begin assembling your humidor masterpiece. For starters, take a minute or two and rinse out your plastic container. If you don’t, you’ll likely light up a cigar and find it has a strong plastic smell and taste. Next, spread your Spanish cedar on the bottom of your container. Once this is done, insert your digital humidity monitor. However, remember to make sure you place it so that you can easily see the display. After adding your cigars, all that’s left is to adjust your Tupperdor’s humidity using the humidity controller. Once you’ve got it between 69%-72%, simply seal up your new tupperdor and store it in a cool, dark place.

Enjoying Your Cigars

When you find yourself first thinking about how to make a humidor, you probably figured it would be a monumental task. But as you can see, creating a Tupperdor is much easier than you ever imagined. Along with the $30 or so you spent to create this handy little storage device, go ahead and spend a few bucks more to make sure you’ve got some high-quality cigars on hand to pull out of your Tupperdor now and then.

While some DIY projects can turn into far bigger and more complex projects than you ever imagined, your DIY humidor will be just the opposite. By spending an hour or two to do some shopping for your supplies and putting together your creation, it won’t be long until you can open up your humidor, pull out your favorite stogie, and light up your cigar to celebrate your achievement.

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