Best Cigar Brands For The Summer

As the warm summer days get closer, you are probably like us and are looking forward to plenty of relaxation. While you’ll probably be taking a trip or two and maybe catching an occasional ballgame, you’ll also look forward to sitting down and smoking some of the best cigars you can find. While we know there are plenty of great cigars you can smoke, some lend themselves to being just a bit more special on a summer day. If you’re searching for the best cigar brands to smoke over the summer, we’ve got a few in mind that you’re sure to enjoy.

Ambrosia Vann Reef

As its name implies, Ambrosia Vann Reef is a cigar that we’ve found to be exquisite to smoke in the summertime. Filled with the perfect mix of exotic European spices and South Asian cloves, these cigars are aged for approximately five years. As a result, they give you a medium strength and full flavor that has practically no acidic nuances. Passing through Nicaraguan fillers, held in Cameroon wrappers, and featuring a Robusto shape, we’ve found there is no better cigar to have with you while relaxing on a beautiful beach than this treasure.

AVO Belicoso Maduro

If you’re throwing a summer party and inviting your very best friends, we suggest you pass out a few AVO Belicoso Maduro stogies as well. Once you do, your party will be the toast of the town. These unique Dominican Republic cigars, which are considered rare by AVO cigar lovers, have a well-rounded flavor thanks to as many as five fillers that blend together perfectly. Since they have a medium-strength, we’re sure they will be perfect for you as well as some of your friends who maybe only smoke a cigar now and then. Wrapped in Connecticut Broadleaf, the Belicoso Maduro is considered the top of the line for AVO cigars, so we guarantee you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Bolivar Churchill

Also a medium-strength cigar, we absolutely love the Bolivar Churchill. In fact, we consider it to be one of the best cigar brands you can find anywhere in the world and is certainly a perfect choice for a summertime cigar. Blending together the very best of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Connecticut fillers, it is held together by the Honduran Ligero leaf. Due to its wonderful Churchill shape, we’ve found this cigar to have an easy draw and great burn. Because of this combo, you’ll get a cigar with a robust and full-bodied flavor, making it a good choice for when you are at the beach, by the pool, or sitting on your deck or patio.

Macanudo 1968 Robusto

Since Macanudo is the top-selling cigar brand in America, we have no doubt you’ll find these to be some of the best cigars you’ll ever smoke in the summertime or at any other time during the year. Different from the above-mentioned cigars in that these are known for having very mild flavors, we’ve actually found the 1968 Robusto has in our opinion closer to a medium-strength flavor. Nevertheless, you’ll get a cigar that provides you with a unique combo of sweet and spicy flavors, all coming together to create a full-bodied smoking experience. Like the Ambrosia Vann Reef, this cigar features a Robusto shape. As for its tobacco, you’ll enjoy the blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan varieties, all bound together in a Connecticut Habano. This, coupled with the San Augustin wrapper, make this a fantastic cigar to smoke after dinner.

Camacho Powerband

If you have not heard of this cigar and think the name might be a bit odd, we can assure you this is a cigar where the name fits very well. Strong and powerful, this cigar will last you at least two hours, so we suggest you have plenty of time to enjoy your smoke. When paired with bourbon or scotch, we find this cigar to be one that has its flavor enhanced that much more, making it one of our favorites to smoke at the end of the day.

Whether you try one or all of these, we guarantee you’ll have a cigar-smoking summer that will be one to remember.

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