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What Are Cigarillos?

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While you love cigars and know quite a bit about them, you may still have something to learn. Though the cigars you smoke come in a variety of shapes, widths, strengths, and colors, you probably have never heard of cigarillos. However, don’t be embarrassed, since many cigar lovers haven’t heard of these miniature treats. If your curiosity is peaked and you’re ready to learn everything you can about cigarillos, here are some tidbits of information you’ll find fascinating.

The Mini-Cigar

As was stated earlier, cigarillos are miniature treats in the cigar world, since they are in fact miniature cigars. About the size of a standard cigarette, they range in size from as little as three inches long to almost five inches long. As for their ring gauges, this is usually between 20-30. If you happen to travel to many areas of Europe, you’re sure to see many people in cigar lounges or elsewhere smoking cigarillos, since they are extremely popular in many nations.

The Benefits of Cigarillos

As for why cigarillos are so popular in Europe and are beginning to catch on with cigar smokers here in Atlanta and across the United States, the biggest reason is again related to their small size. Being so compact, they can be smoked in a very short period of time. Thus, when you have a few minutes during the day, such as during your lunch break at work, you can enjoy a cigarillo after your meal.

The Inner Workings of Cigarillos

Now that you’ve decided to give cigarillos a try, you’re probably wondering about some specifics of these miniature cigars. For starters, they are wrapped either in tobacco leaves or brown tobacco-based paper, and do not come with filters. However, they are smoked just as you would standard-sized cigars, meaning you of course don’t inhale the smoke. Best of all, you’ll get the same satisfaction as you would with your traditional cigars, yet be able to finish off a cigarillo in anywhere from 10-20 minutes.

Popular Cigarillo Brands

Just like regular cigars, cigarillos are made by some of the world’s most well-known cigar manufacturers. However, since they are so small, they are not rolled by hand. Instead, all cigarillos are machine-made, even ones considered to be premium brands. As for the most popular cigarillo brands, these include Cohiba, Ashton, Don Diego, Arturo Fuente, Romeo y Julieta, Macanudo, and of course Dutch Masters. In fact, Dutch Masters has been producing cigarillos since 1911, so it’s safe to say they make a pretty good cigarillo that’s sure to satisfy you when you light up.

Are There Cigarillo Flavors?

Absolutely. Just like other types of cigars, there are many different types of cigarillo flavors from which you can choose. In fact, Dutch Masters generally leads the way in this area, offering such cigarillo flavors as vanilla, grape, rum, mint, honey, and many others. Since each cigar aficionado often has a specific flavor of cigar they prefer, you’ll have no problem matching the flavor of your cigarillo with that of your standard cigars.

Having been around for many centuries, cigarillos have certainly stood the test of time around the world. Now that you know so much more about them, you’ve got no excuse to not give them a try. Once you pick out cigarillos of your favorite brand and flavor, all that will be left is lighting the match and putting your cigarillo to the test. Upon doing so, you’re likely to discover that whether you are sitting in your favorite Atlanta cigar lounge or taking a break at work, cigarillos will become your new best friends.

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