Blanco Cigars Introduces Prince Hall Cigars

Whether you are a freemason or not, you will enjoy the latest release from Blanco Cigars. The Prince Hall Cigars brand began life as an extension of an existing cigar brand, which has a focus on honoring the freemasons of the United States. The master blender, David Blanco, believes the history of the freemason and abolitionist, Prince Hall deserves a cigar in his honor. The cigar has hit the market with its own brand name, Prince Hall, and brings all the texture and flavor you would expect from cigars created under the Blanco Cigars brand.

Blanco Cigars is headquartered at the family’s factory in Nicaragua, where master cigar blender, David Blanco heads up the operations of the company. Not only is Blanco a master cigar blender, but he is a fifth-generation freemason who has developed a range of cigar brands alongside his business partners. The latest Prince Hall brand began life as an extension of a cigar brand David Blanco had already partnered with. The brand has a focus on freemasons and freemasonry, which led to the plan by David Blanco to highlight the work of Prince Hall in the U.S. during the Revolutionary War and the early years of the U.S.

David Blanco and Blanco Cigars decided to go their own way in the development of Prince Hall Cigars following a disagreement between the master blender and the brand he had been partnering with. The decision by Blanco Cigars to honor Prince Hall for the work he did beyond his role as a freemason. David Blanco is a fifth-generation mason, but his exquisite taste as a cigar blender saw him blend a beautiful cigar for you to enjoy.

The Nicaraguan location of the Blanco Cigars headquarters ad factory has played a role in the development of the Prince Hall Cigars brand. The brand has developed a cigar that has a Nicaraguan Habano Maduro wrapper and a Sumatran binder, along with a Nicaraguan filler that gives you an excellent texture and flavor when you smoke your Prince Hall cigar.

The launch of the Prince Hall Cigars brand in 2020 seems particularly timely with the release of a cigar designed dot honor one of the first black freemasons in the United States. Prince Hall is looked upon by historians as one of the most influential members of the free black community during the founding of the United States. Prince Hall was a key member of the battle to free the people of the United States from British rule and to lead the country following the declaration of independence.

Following the freeing of the nation from British rule, Prince Hall became one of the leading members of the abolitionist movement. David Blanco and Blanco Cigars believe the work of Prince Hall is worthy of being honored for more than his role as a member of the freemasons alone. Prince Hall was a prominent freemason and was one of the first black masons in the U.S. who saw his lodge recognized as a full member of the Freemason movement in 1787. In 1787, the Grand Lodge of England granted Prince Hall’s lodge its own charter as African Lodge Number One.

The release of Prince Hall Cigars shows the commitment to diversity and the origins of Freemasons around the world of David Blanco. Blanco Cigars hopes the rich history of Prince Hall is reflected in the texture and flavor of Prince Hall Cigars.