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Size Does Matter: The Ultimate Guide to Cigar Sizes Explained

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Have you ever found yourself standing in a cigar shop, surrounded by an impressive assortment of cigars, feeling completely overwhelmed and unsure of where to start? With countless brands, blends, and flavors to choose from, it’s easy to feel lost in the world of cigars.

But fear not, because today we’re diving deep into the world of cigar sizes. Yes, size does matter when it comes to cigars, and understanding the different sizes available can greatly enhance your smoking experience.

In this ultimate guide to cigar sizes explained, we’ll take you on an exploration of the various dimensions and shapes that cigars come in, demystifying the terms that might have left you scratching your head.

Are you ready to become a cigar connoisseur and master the art of selecting the perfect size? Let’s dive in and explore the wonderful world of cigar sizes explained.

Why Size Matters: The Importance of Cigar Sizes

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When it comes to cigars, size does matter. The importance of cigar sizes cannot be underestimated. Whether you are a seasoned aficionado or a beginner, understanding the different cigar sizes is crucial for a truly enjoyable smoking experience.

Cigar sizes are typically measured by two factors: length and ring gauge. Length is measured in inches, while the ring gauge refers to the diameter of the cigar in 64ths of an inch. The size of a cigar greatly influences its flavor, burn time, and overall smoking experience.

One of the main reasons why size matters when it comes to cigars is the impact it has on flavor. The length and ring gauge directly affect the tobacco-to-air ratio, which in turn affects the intensity of the flavors. A thinner, smaller cigar will typically have a more concentrated flavor profile, while a larger, thicker cigar will provide a more complex and nuanced taste.

Additionally, the size of a cigar determines its burn time. A smaller cigar will burn faster, while a larger cigar will take longer to smoke. This is an important consideration for those who prefer a quick smoke or those who enjoy a leisurely smoking experience. It’s crucial to choose a size that aligns with your preferred smoking time.

Furthermore, the size of a cigar can also influence the draw or airflow. Cigars with a larger ring gauge may offer a looser draw, allowing for more air to pass through. On the other hand, cigars with a smaller ring gauge may have a tighter draw, resulting in a more concentrated and robust smoking experience.

Understanding Cigar Dimensions: Length and Ring Gauge

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When it comes to understanding cigar dimensions, two key measurements come into play: length and ring gauge. These dimensions determine the size and shape of a cigar, and they play a significant role in the smoking experience.

Cigar length refers to the measurement of a cigar from the cap (the closed end that is cut before smoking) to the foot (the open end). It is typically expressed in inches or centimeters. Cigar lengths can vary greatly, ranging from around 4 inches for petite coronas to over 7 inches for double coronas. The length of a cigar can impact its smoking time, with longer cigars generally taking longer to smoke.

The ring gauge of a cigar refers to its diameter or thickness, expressed in 64ths of an inch. For example, a cigar with a ring gauge of 50 has a diameter of 50/64ths of an inch. The ring gauge directly affects the cigar’s size and draw. Thicker cigars with larger ring gauges tend to have a slower burn and a cooler smoke, while thinner cigars with smaller ring gauges offer a more concentrated flavor.

The ring gauge also plays a role in the overall smoking experience. Thicker cigars with larger ring gauges tend to have a milder flavor due to a longer filler ratio, while thinner cigars with smaller ring gauges often deliver a more intense flavor.

Unraveling Cigar Shapes: From Parejos to Figurados

A pile of cigars on a table, with sizes explained.

When it comes to cigars, size does matter. Understanding the different shapes and sizes of cigars is essential for any aficionado. From traditional parejos to unique figurados, each cigar shape offers a distinct smoking experience. In this ultimate guide to cigar sizes, we will unravel the mysteries behind these shapes and explain their significance in the world of cigars.

Parejos: The Classic Shape

Parejos are the most common and classic cigar shape. They have straight sides, a cylindrical body, and a rounded cap. The length and ring gauge (diameter) of parejos vary, allowing for a wide range of sizes. Whether you prefer a short and stubby robusto or a long and slender Churchill, parejos offer a straightforward smoking experience.

Figurados: Artistic Creations

Figurados are the more unconventional cigar shapes that showcase the artistry of cigar rolling. Unlike parejos, figurados have irregular shapes with tapered or pointed ends.

These shapes require skilled craftsmanship and precision. Examples of figurados include the pyramid, torpedo, and perfecto. Figurados offer a unique smoking experience, as their changing diameter throughout the cigar can affect the flavor profile.

Culebras: Three Become One

Culebras are the intriguing and rare cigar shape that consists of three entwined cigars. These twisted cigars are usually braided together and are considered a novelty item.

Smoking a culebra can be a challenging experience, as the three cigars burn at different rates due to their intertwined nature. However, for those seeking a unique smoking experience, the culebra shape is worth exploring.

Gordo: Super-Sized Pleasure

In recent years, the popularity of gordo cigars has surged. Gordo, which means “fat” in Spanish, refers to cigars with a larger ring gauge. These cigars often have a ring gauge of 60 or more, providing a more substantial and prolonged smoking experience. Gordo cigars are favored by those who enjoy a longer smoking session or desire a bolder flavor profile.

Lancero: The Elegant Thin

On the opposite end of the spectrum from gordo cigars, lanceros are known for their slender shape. Lanceros typically have a long and thin body with a ring gauge of 38 to 42.

This shape showcases the cigar wrapper’s flavor and can offer a more refined smoking experience. Lanceros require precise rolling skills due to their delicate size, making them a favorite among cigar connoisseurs.

Corona: Timeless Classic

Coronas are a versatile and widely available shape that falls between parejos and gordo cigars in terms of size. They have a medium length and a moderate ring gauge, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced smokers. The balanced proportions of coronas allow for a well-rounded smoking experience, highlighting the flavors of the filler, binder, and wrapper.

Tips and Tricks for Enjoying Cigars of Various Sizes

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When it comes to enjoying cigars, the size does matter. Cigars come in a variety of sizes, each with its own unique smoking experience. Whether you prefer a petite corona or a Churchill, here are some tips and tricks for savoring cigars of various sizes.

  1. Understand the Size Categories: Cigars are typically categorized by their length and ring gauge (diameter). Common sizes include petite coronas, robustos, torpedos, churchills, and more. Familiarize yourself with the different sizes to know what to expect from each smoking experience.
  2. Consider the Smoking Time: The size of a cigar influences its smoking time. Smaller cigars, such as petite coronas, are perfect for a quick smoke during breaks. On the other hand, larger sizes like churchills provide a longer and more leisurely smoking experience. Choose a size that suits your available time and preference.
  3. Pay Attention to Flavors: Cigar sizes can impact the flavor profile. Smaller cigars tend to have concentrated flavors, while larger ones may offer a more complex and nuanced smoking experience. Experiment with different sizes to explore the range of flavors cigars have to offer.
  4. Adjust Your Smoking Pace: Smoking a larger cigar requires a slower pace to prevent overheating and bitterness. Take your time and savor the flavors with gentle and deliberate puffs. Conversely, smaller cigars can be enjoyed at a slightly faster pace, allowing you to appreciate their intensity.
  5. Use Proper Cutting Techniques: Different cigar sizes may require specific cutting techniques. For smaller cigars, a straight cut is usually sufficient, while larger sizes may benefit from a V-cut or punch cut. Ensure a clean and precise cut to maximize the draw and enjoyment of your cigar.
  6. Mind the Ring Gauge: The ring gauge of a cigar affects its draw and overall smoking experience. Thicker cigars offer a looser draw, allowing for a greater volume of smoke, while thinner cigars provide a tighter draw, intensifying the flavors. Experiment with different ring gauges to find your preferred smoking style.
  7. Pair with the Right Beverage: The size of a cigar can influence the type of beverage that pairs well with it. For smaller cigars, consider a light-bodied drink like a crisp white wine or a delicate whiskey. Larger cigars can handle stronger pairings such as full-bodied red wines or peaty scotches.
  8. Store Them Properly: Regardless of size, cigars need to be stored in a controlled environment to maintain their flavor and freshness. Invest in a quality humidor and follow proper storage guidelines to ensure your cigars remain in optimal condition.

Conclusion: Embrace the Variety of Cigar Sizes

When it comes to enjoying a good cigar, size does matter. Cigars come in a wide range of sizes, each offering a unique smoking experience. From petite coronas to hefty double coronas, there is a size to suit every preference.

Understanding and appreciating the variety of cigar sizes is an essential aspect of the cigar smoking hobby. Each size offers its own unique characteristics, allowing you to explore the vast world of flavors and aromas that cigars have to offer.

Whether you gravitate towards the robusto, double corona, or any other size, embracing this variety will enhance your enjoyment and appreciation of cigars. So, next time you reach for a cigar, consider trying a different size and discover a whole new smoking experience.

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