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Cigar Canoeing: What It Is and How to Prevent It

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Cigars are expensive, and any mishaps while smoking ruin the experience. That’s why canoeing is an unhappy subject for most cigar aficionados.

The term canoeing refers to the phenomenon that occurs when one side of the cigar rushes along and burns faster than the other. If the smoker is unaware it’s happening, or slow to react, the cigar will eventually split into two. What’s left looks a lot like a canoe. Now you understand how the term came to rise.

Tunneling and Cigar Canoeing Are Not the Same

It’s worth noting that canoeing is not the same as tunneling. Tunneling occurs when you extinguish a cigar’s outer layer, but the inside continues to burn.

Humidor Storage Prevents Canoeing

Storing your cigars right is an ideal starting point for preventing problems like canoeing or tunneling. That means owning a humidor and ensuring it has plenty of air circulation.

Inadequate airflow is the reason that cigars tend to dry out faster on one side or the other.

That’s the leading cause of many issues that wreck the smoking experience. Invest in a humidor and use it the right way to avoid quite a few cigar-related problems.

Don’t Be so Quick to Light.

Putting a flame to your cigar and prematurely pulling back is not right, either. It requires a steady hand to ignite a cigar. Slowly lighting cigars is one of the best and most reliable ways to prevent canoeing. Take your time and thoroughly enjoy every bit of the experience, and your cigars will tend to burn better.

How Do You Fix the Canoeing Problem?

If you experience canoeing, there are a few practical tricks you can try to recover from the trouble and finish your smoke as a victor.

Take a Break

One solution is to stop a canoe is by taking a break from smoking. By doing so, the cigar stops burning incorrectly. Set it down inside the ashtray and observe the situation. If you catch a canoe in time, you can control it.

Lick Your Fingers and Try Again

Must experienced cigar smokers know about the finger-licking method to salvage a smoke session?

If a canoe starts, quickly wet your finger and press down to even out the cherry. Most people don’t get this right on the first try but go again until it works out.

So, What’s the Best Bet for Stopping the Canoeing Cigar?

The best bet is to put the cigar down and wait it out! Nothing beats a bit of patience when it comes to salvaging a rogue cigar.

A flagging cigar is going to continue to follow its trendline. It’s better to regroup and try again after the flame goes out.

Cigar smoking is enjoyable, but not without its occasional challenges. Purchasing a humidor is one strategy that you won’t regret. That simple act will help you store your cigars between smoking sessions, which will increase their quality substantially. That way, you’ll run into fewer problems like tunneling and canoeing.

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