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CAO Cigars: Launches Bones Game Themed Cigars

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Makes no bones about it, the innovators at CAO cigars have come to market with a truly terrific idea for its popular CAO cigars brand. People often use the term “bones” in reference to two very popular games, dominoes, and craps (dice). In a move this week that is sure to appeal to fine cigar connoisseurs and gaming enthusiasts alike, CAO cigars has proudly introduced its new Bones Collection CAO cigars and bones game.

It’s a little known fact that the earliest forms of dice and dominoes were actually made from animal bones and ivory tusks. In the Southern regions of the U.S., it’s is not hard to imagine a group of fine southerners getting together to smoke a rich stogie while enjoying a game of bones or dominoes. CAO’s marketing is using this imagery as the backdrop for its new CAO cigars promotion.

In a press release, CAO cigar blender/brand ambassador Rick Rodriguez had this to say: “Bones is about kicking back with your friends with a cold beer in your hand, playing a game, smoking, grilling, talking a little trash, and having the time of your life. And that’s what CAO is about, too. It’s about being yourself, enjoying the people you’re with, and not having a care in the world while you’re having your cigar.”

The Cigars

The new line of CAO cigars will appropriately be labeled as CAO Bones. The CAO cigars offer a smoke that is medium to full-bodied and both smooth and satisfying. The new line of CAO cigars is being manufactured in Nicaragua at the STG Estelí factory.

The blend was developed by the aforementioned Rodrigues. It includes a 4-year-old Connecticut grown Broadleaf wrapper held together with a Connecticut grown Shade binder. The inside tobacco blend features an innovative combination of the following: Nicaraguan tobacco and a combination of Dominican Piloto Cubano and Honduran leaf, which come from two different regions of Honduras: Jamastran and La Entrada.

The CAO cigars Bones Collection will be sold in an elegant black box, featuring 20 pieces. The Bones line will come in four different sizes with each size carrying the name of a popular version of dominoes. The CAO cigars line includes:

  • Chicken Foot: size = 5” x 54 with a suggested retail price of $7.49 per cigar
  • Blind Hughie: size = 6” x 54 with a suggested retail price of $7.99 per cigar
  • Matador: size = 7.25” x 54 with a suggested retail price of $8.49 per cigar
  • Maltese Cross: size = 6” x 60 with a suggested retail price of $8.99 per cigar

The Bones Collection line was scheduled to head out into the marketplace starting on August 4, 2020.

The Bones Game

As if getting 20 fine cigars isn’t good enough, CAO has also included a little surprise in every box, the “Bones Game.” Gaming enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn they also get two standard 16mm dice along with a very nice felt-covered inside lid, which should serve as a terrific playing surface for throwing dice.

While having a relaxing smoke, cigar connoisseurs can gather around and enjoy a bones game of craps or whatever other dice game may tickle their fancy. At a time when there is so much stress filtering through the country, CAO cigars and the bones game dice make for the perfect escape.

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