Do Cigars Go Bad?

Although not everything improves with age, cigars do. If you are wondering do cigars go bad, the answer is no. Certain products improve with aging. Different types of liquor including wine and whiskey become more favorable, valuable, and smoother with the proper treatment for aging. Although this is a recommendation for liquor, you should consider aging a requirement for your cigars.

During specific stages, the aging process is extremely important. Aging is an essential part of the cigar industry and significantly impacts the price, quality and flavor of your cigars. Aging is not only important when the process first begins, but even after you have purchased your cigars. For the best cigars, you should understand what you should and should not do regarding aging.

The Aging Process

When a premium cigar is made, aging is important for the early stages. Your tobacco must complete the curing and fermentation process before it is smokable. The fermentation process creates the heat necessary to remove enough of the natural chemicals and ammonia to make your tobacco smokable. If you want to enjoy a premium cigar, your tobacco requires even more aging.

If you enjoy one of the stronger tobaccos including Ligero, the best way to smooth out your flavor is through aging. If you allow your tobacco to sit after completing the fermentation process, your flavor will be cleaner and more nuanced. This provides you with a much smoother quality. In most instances, stronger tobacco is allowed to age for a minimum of two years before rolling.

The longer your tobacco is left to age, the more flavorful and smoother it becomes. Even after your cigar is rolled, a lot of manufacturers continue with the aging process. When a rolled cigar continues to age, not only does the flavor become smoother, but the flavors from numerous different components marry. The result is the creation of an overall profile.

By this time, you should understand why the answer to the question of do cigars go bad is almost always no. Although the aging process is generally for approximately one month, you can find a lot of rolled cigars aged for as long as one to two years. Premium cigars are generally aged for a longer period than the cheaper brands.

Should My Cigars Be Aged?

If you are interested in a short answer, then yes. The more complicated answer is the aging process is dependent on the type of cigar. A good example is an oily, strong cigar. Age can do very little to improve quality. I prefer aging my cigars for at least a few months before I enjoy them. This is especially true when I have rarer cigars. You need to consider the current age and strength blend of your cigars.

When you age a full-bodied cigar, there will be a shelf life. Your cigar will not be smokable for about seven years because time is required for your tobacco to mellow. Unfortunately, during this time your cigar will begin losing the character and flavor that made it special in the first place. If you age your cigar for ten years, your tobacco will lose any distinctive flavor notes and become almost too smooth.

To age your cigars properly, keeping track of how long they have been aging is critical. Remember the time required for aging is dependent on the specific type of cigar.

Do Cigars Improve with Age?

Certain types of cigars do not need anymore aging. A good example is Padron. There is a tremendous difference between the Padron 1926 and the Padron 1964. The difference is age. The Padron 1926 is more expensive, smoother and ages for a few more years than the standard Padron Series. A Padron 1926 will cost you about $20. Your additional cost pays for the aging process already completed.

This means you can enjoy smoking your cigar without performing any additional work. If you purchase a cheaper cigar, you will most likely need to complete the aging process to receive the best possible experience.

How Can I Age My Cigars?

The process you need to use for aging is both complex and simple. You will need patience, humidity, and a humidor to succeed. You must know exactly what is happening with your cigars at all times. Your humidity level needs to be between 68 and 72 percent. Your cigars need to be rotated as frequently as possible but you should not open your humidor too often.

I have a separate humidor I use. I open it just once a month so I can rotate my stock. You must track how long each cigar has been aging or you risk smoking your cigar too late.

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