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What Are Boutique Cigars?

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Especially for those who are starting out, the insane variety of boutique cigars can seem overwhelming. Be sure to check out our article on understanding the basics. There are so many top-rated cigar brands and blends to choose from, it is difficult to decide which one to try first.

Let us offer you some great suggestions to ease your journey to discover premium boutique cigars!  The information within this article is designed to help you learn more about handmade boutique cigars and which ones you should try!

What You Should Know About Boutique Cigars

In general, boutique cigars tend to be handmade, crafted in small batches, produced by a brand or manufacturer that produces less than 1 million sticks per year, family-owned, or made from rare tobaccos. 

In contrast, many boutique cigars won’t meet at least one of these criteria, so you’ll likely find a stick that is boutique because it’s handcrafted and made with more attention to detail than mainstream cigars. 

Top Boutique Cigars 

Following our run-through of what you need to know about boutique cigars, it is finally time to introduce you to some top-notch cigars you need to try.  This list offers a wide range of cigar brands and blends of boutique cigars, with special recommendations for beginner smokers looking to test out new tastes. 

Cavalier Cigars Black Series

Cavalier Cigars Black Series II is the perfect cigar for those just beginning to venture off the beaten track into a boutique experience.  This top-rated cigar features a special gold leaf above the band, signifying a luxurious experience.

The wrapper has a deep brown color, and sits on top of an extraordinarily aged Nicaraguan long filler and binder tobacco core, finished with a masterful box press.  A rich aroma and a combination of flavors of chocolate, spices, nuts and pepper will delight your taste buds.

La Barba Purple

Robert Caldwell and Tony Bellatto, a master sommelier, created La Barba Purple together, using Dominican Habano and Corojo long fillers and binder, with Ecuadorian Habano wrappers and a binder to last a lifetime.  

Medium-bodied, these cigars offer flavors of earth, dried fruit, chocolate, cinnamon, graham, and a sweet tobacco finish that you will surely enjoy having in your humidor.

Fratello Navetta

As a token of gratitude for those who work for NASA, the Fratello Navetta was launched. Omar de Frias, who worked for NASA for 10 years, founded the company that makes the Fratello Navetta. As a result, he wanted to create a cigar which captured the spirit of success.

These cigars are made in Nicaragua from Nicaraguan tobaccos and are known as “Navettas” or “shuttles” in Italian. The wrappers are oily, dark, and rich from Ecuador. While smoking this one, you’ll notice flavors of nuts, coffee, and hay.

Fratello Navetta is offered by a wide range of retailers, but generally you can find them for just over $10.


Using up your traditional cigar stash can be a little bit of a bore, so you may want to try some boutique cigars or small-batch cigars to try out new flavors and aromas.

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